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Working when bereaved is hard. At The Bereavement Coach we provide grief awareness sessions and management coaching for line managers managing those who are bereaved. We also support individuals who are struggling in the workplace, helping them to manage their grief and maintain performance.

What we offer

 Support through our blog and website
 Managing the Impact of Grief in the Workplace workshops for line managers 
Bereavement policy formation and review
 Coaching for employees
 Coaching for line managers
 Coaching for individuals


So, why choose The Bereavement Coach? We specialise in managing grief, as well as performance. We are not bereavement counsellors; if we think an individual is having difficulty in coming to terms with the bereavement, or struggling with life in general, we will signpost them to choosing an accredited counsellor through organisations such as the British Association of Counsellors and Psychotherapists or through their GP.

How Does Bereavement Affect Your Workplace?

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