Who we can help

Small boats in the seaThe clients using our services will typically be people who have returned to work after a loss, be they employed or self-employed, and who are struggling to cope with their grief. They may have already had some counselling to help address their initial bereavement, but have an ongoing problem with maintaining their confidence, motivation or concentration at work which is affecting their performance.  They may not be able to cope with their workloads or carrying out duties that they had no problems doing before their loss.

Others will be line managers of people who have suffered a loss and who need effective ways of managing the individual to minimise the impact of the individual’s grief on the wider team and, in some cases, the organisation.

Sometimes whole teams might be affected by the death of a colleague and may need support collectively.

Managing the Impact of Grief in the Workplace Workshops
Managing the Impact of Grief in the Workplace workshops
This workshop explores the nature of grief and provides the organisation with guidance on how to support employees…
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Bereavement Policy Formation
Bereavement policy formation and review
Working with your HR team to develop a corporate understanding of policies in relation to bereaved employees…
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Coaching for Employees
Coaching for employees who are bereaved
If you feel an individual is struggling to maintain performance…
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Coaching for Managers
Coaching for those managing the bereaved
Managing someone who is bereaved, if you’ve not experienced bereavement yourself, can be baffling…
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Coaching for Individuals
Working while you are grieving can be extremely difficult, one day you may be fine…
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