Coaching for Managers

Coaching for those managing the bereaved

Managing someone who is bereaved, if you’ve not experienced bereavement yourself, can be baffling. People are often inconsistent or not fully engaged when they are grieving.  We help managers to understand the potential impact of grief and to provide coaching on how to maintain the performance of individuals who are grieving.

In our first session we’ll explore what the issues are and why the manager is seeking coaching support. We will outline typical responses to grief and raise awareness of what an individual might be experiencing and how grief could impact on their performance and the wider team.

In subsequent sessions we will help the manager put in place approaches to help improve the performance of the bereaved individual and minimise the knock-on effect on the wider team.

We recommend a minimum of 3 sessions.

Sessions are delivered remotely via our video conferencing software and are available between 8am and 6pm

The cost for each session is £100. Get in touch using our online form to arrange an appointment or phone Sue on 07867 500666.